“The life of Joseph Barry Martin is not only a story of mind-body-spirit integration, but a showcase of the alchemy between humanity and divinity. Two of the most profound questions we can ask ourselves are “who am I” and “why am I here.” Joseph’s hero’s journey will help you as you revisit these questions and answers based on the makings of your own life story.”

—Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D.
Author, "Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water"

“I can not remember a time when Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) have been so widely discussed, and readers of LIVING A LIFE OF LOVE will discover why they are important. Joseph Martin has lived a very dramatic life, claiming to have spoken with Jesus as a child and to have had his first NDE at the age of eight. Readers may agree or disagree with Dr. Martin’s view of reality, but they will not be bored with his stories and some of them may even challenge their own beliefs.”

—Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
Co-author, "Personal Mythology"

“Dr. Joseph Martin’s life story is the epitome of the struggles and successes of a person born into extremely challenging family dynamics who learns to stay awake and honour his soul’s spiritual truth. This autobiography will startle and courageously inspire readers to reflect on their own remarkable lives.”

—Michael Gurian, Ph.D.
Author, "An American Mystic", "The Miracle"

“Very early in my life, I learned that it isn’t what a person does that matters. It’s who that person is. The same holds true of authors. What Joseph writes in Living in Two Worlds is interesting. It’s insightful and entertaining. This is an easy read that makes the reader a better person. And yet...it’s about him. It’s about Joseph Martin. Joseph is kind. He is loving, giving and extremely sensitive. Joseph was aptly named by his Mohawk elders “He Lives in Two Worlds.” I, for one, am happy that he lives in mine. This is a good book.”

—David Bouchard 
Metis author of more than 50 books including "Seven Sacred Teachings" (with Joseph Martin), storyteller, public speaker, Order of Canada recipient