Historical Ancestral Psychology and History

The Peacemaker’s Quest to Share the Great Law of Peace


The Peacemaker's Quest to bring the Great Law of Peace reveals the Wendat Peacemaker Deganawideh as being the one who brought the Kayenerehkowen or Great Law of Peace to the Haudenosaunee or Iroquois Confederacy prior to invasion by the white people in the 16th century. This introductory video inspired our present 7th Fire Generation to live the Good Red Road of one heart, one mind, one circle, one drum with positive Orenda in one's heart and consciousness.



Let’s explore the ontology of evil on the planet and in fact through the 4th, 5th, 6th dimensions and beyond – as this universe is dyadic in nature. We know from numerous spiritual beings who represent the major religions that they had to battle their evil in order to evolve spiritually. There are many spiritual forces ranging from ghosts and angels of the dark and many more entities that will be talked about in another video. As Carl Jung says we are the origins of all coming evil. The question is do we unleash good or do we unleash evil on the planet? The battle is never over until the defeat once and for all inside of ourselves to become the ultimate spiritual hero and heroine.



Good and evil exists in our bi-polar nature. We fall into evil when we choose revenge and this becomes a never-ending spiral or line of force over - the intoxication to ego and shadow and temptations from the inner and outer devils of nature. The nature of separateness is based on karmic hurt and plays itself out in the collective demonstrated as historically as ethnic and religious hatreds. These are memes or morphogenetic fields of killing and revenge. We need to work with our inner children to resolves these issues within ourselves. Good books to read about this topic are from Alice Miller, David Hawkins, C. S. Lewis in the Screwtape Letters, Conrad Stettbacher's Making Sense of Suffering. Daily transmute fear particularly the greatest fear - the fear of death to love. Ernest Becker wrote on the fear of death. Transform cruelty to kindness, apathy to engaged intimacy and vulnerability and empathy.



Merlin – the prophet, bard, magician, healer, seer, seeker, holy fool, white wizard, advisor, servant and tutor talked with animals, worked with the elements as the greatest and last of the Druids. Emrys as he is known as was reportedly born from a nun and fathered by the dark one himself. There is a story of him going to King Vortigern who wanted to have something done about the two dragons sleeping under his castle. Merlin was able to work with these two dragons – one a white one and the other a red one. If we look at the metaphor of the two dragons we can see they represent not only the kundalini energy but the good and evil side of the duality of our known universe, spirit and matter, soul and body. Merlin was able to integrate both sides – bring both dragons together to become the green dragon of the heart. An acronym for Merlin – Majestic Energy Revelation Linked in Numinosity. We each have the ability to find the inner Merlin inside of ourselves.



Tecumseth was born in 1768 as a Shawnee and lived until 1813. His younger brother was Tenskwatawa. Tecumseth grew up facing constant war from the American cavalry. In 1808 he and his brother Tenskwatawa created Prophetstown as a way to return to their ancestral ways. Tecumseth was a great strategist and had he been born in another time and place he might have been likened to Alexander the Great. The best book to read on Tecumseth is by John Sugden “Tecumseth: A life.” Tenskwatawa was a prophet and his name means “Open Door”. He had visions of wholeness. In the war of 1812 Tecumseth saved southern Ontario from an American take-over.  He willingly gave up his life in 1813 to save Canada for the British.  We can learn so many things about the true nature about the foundation of First Nations history and support of the White colonizers who took over this land. True reconciliation will come to our awareness when we respectfully appreciate the First Nations for all their gifts and sacrifices for our nations.



Kateri Tekakwitha was born in 1656 and lived a short life to 1680. She was born from a Mohawk father and Algonkian mother. She was orphaned as a child when her parents were killed so she was taken in by her family. She also suffered from small pox which left her face scarred and she often wore a covering over her head and partially her face to hide the scars. She settled into a Jesuit mission of Kahnawake. The spiritual directors of the Jesuits forced her to give up her natural spiritual traditions and her relationship with Sonkwiatison – the Creator as well as the tradition of living by her dreams. She was inducted into severe and excessive body mortification with prolonged fasting, flogging, cutting and sleeping on a bed of thorns, burning and walking on hot coals. When she was passing into Spirit her last words were “ Jesus I Love You.”
At the same time Chief Joseph Swan lived in the region.  He had studied French and Latin and was studying in the Seminary but came to realize that the Church was not helpful for his people. He was eventually poisoned. Reading Joseph Boyden’s book “Orenda” will be a good resource for you to learn about the history of the Wendat Community.



In times past -- 5.1 to 1.8 million years ago the land mass on the planet was one supercontinent by the name of Pangaea.  Before Pangaea was Columbia or Nuna and before that was Rodinia. Gondwana was another supercontinent and stage of evolution. In the early stages of evolution, creation and development the basis of the human form was in the etheric body -- no physical matter as we know it but the minerals of the telluric or 1st dimension of the planet, then the evolution of the plant world of photosynthesis. The astral substance for the human to have external and internal experiences came through the animal world.
The first stage of evolution was called Polaris. Polaris was wholly soul and spirit and the invisible immaterial physical prototype.  Polaris is refined ether with an astral (emotional) atmosphere -- think of a rain cloud with water droplets -- spiritual atmosphere particularizing into human beings. With the spiritual heirachies are work here smaller spheres formed within larger ones. The 7 stages of Earth evolution are: Polaris, Hyperborea, Lemuria, Atlantis, Post-Atlantis where we are now in the 5th Post Atlantean stage according to Rudolph Steiner.  The 6th and 7th stages are in the future.



The development of man over billions of years on Earth has paralleled the development of mineral, plant and animal life. All substances evolve from the etheric into vapour, liquid fluid and solid matter. The decreasing temperature caused the hardening of solids. We also look at the densification and complexification over time of the chemical table -- minerals, metals, and plants and animals and of course humans in the ongoing evolution. Man entered the Earth when it was solid. Previously humans belonged in other worlds. The body, the one prior to the human earth body is the astral soul -- the body with feelings, emotions and soul in the 4th dimension. These astral beings were the ancestors to humans. All species have a soul as a Mother Being -- for example, the plant Soul Mothers are the basis of homeopathy, Ayurveda and the indigenous plant spirit medicines. Animals have a unified group soul spirit medicine.

Once incarnated in flesh, the physical chemical processes affected the astral Soul. The soul ancestors only in the 4th dimension lived off etheric Earth Energies which elongated their astral bodies. The mother soul produced numerous single souls from core root: asexual soul-lets, metaphorically like seeds dividing from the core.
Once the process of densification of the earth and matter increased, the Polarian souls realized they could no longer produce the continuation of the species through the asexual process as they developed physical forms.
This description of the Hyperborean phase is about the evolution of the human body and the fact that the soul could no longer reside within the density of the body and had to move to above 6 to 8 inches above the head. This created a number of issues that we are still resolving and evolving through at this time. The soul also had to now find a way to
The first root race of Polarians had astral soul bodies only. The second root race of Hyperboreans had emerging physical bodies with perception, hearing and touch.

Sea Turtles, Humans, Evolution and the New Lemuria

The discussion here is around the longevity of the sea turtles who have existed on Mother Earth for 110 million years. There are 7 species found in all the warm oceans.  The Native symbolism is that sea turtles  - walk in our path in peace with determination, serenity, trust in Divine Will, longevity, adapt to new surroundings, experiment with new terrains and ideas, self-pacing, INTUITION, serendipity, patience, journeys, Mother Earth, stay grounded, even in chaos and disturbance, DETERMINATION, PERSISTENCE, ANCIENT WISDOM.

They live around Hawaii and in and around the land, previously ancient Lemuria, which stretched the vast area of the Pacific and Indian oceans. The west coast of North, Central and South America today was part of the landmass of Lemuria.

The wisdom of Sea Turtles is to make peace with the Earth and All Our Relations, find emotional strength, open to new ideas and paths; find your own ancient soul and wisdom, the Spirit of water, oceans, fluid feelings and slow and easy.

The human etymology is – humane, gentle, kind, civil, polite, philanthropic, giving, refined. A new Lemuria is arising as the new Motherland emerging for peace, righteousness, sisterhood-brotherhood and prosperity.



A quote by TOLSTOY; Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselves.

A quote by GANDHI; Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Tolstoy spoke of love, non-violence, ahimsa, and peaceful resistance through protests and strikes as the only alternative to violent revolution. He wrote a letter to a Hindu – to Vivekananda, on Christian anarchism, the Sermon on the Mount and turning the other cheek. Tolstoy gave up the military, fighting, his land, money and started his own Spiritual and Educational Schools based on “love, literacy and liberation.”

Gandhi originally communicated with Tolstoy in response to his Letter to a Hindu and as their friendship grew and the two communicated, signed his letters to Tolstoy as “your obedient servant,” between 1909 to 1910. Gandhi witnessed the struggle of the East Indians in the Transvaal (South Africa), and out of this struggle for Gandhi came the greatest faith in the immortality of the soul and in the divine truth and love. He regarded himself as a friend and brother to Tolstoy. Gandhi was greatly influenced by Tolstoy and we know from history that he was able to use non-violent communication to bring India to freedom from the British.


I understand only because I love. The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity. There is no greatness without simplicity, goodness and truth. The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. If you want to be happy – be.



In the book by John M. Barry, “The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Greatest Plague in History,” he talks about the Spanish Flu outbreak in 1945 after the First World War and how it left 120 million people dead and devastated thousands upon thousands of families. We have experienced influenza, small pox, typhus, bubonic plague, tuberculosis, waterborne diseases like malaria and yellow fever, parasites, nematodes, flukes, E.COLI, salmonella, and dysentery. And we have viral diseases like polio, SARS, Hepatitis A. during warfare – chemicals have been used against soldiers and civilians like mustard gas, nerve gas and Agent Orange. And in biological warfare: AIDS, EBOLA and others.

There is a direct link, and Paramahansa Yogananda speaks about the fact that cultural karma and war, murder and hatred are the direct cause of diseases. Cultural karma creates negative emotional-mental energies that lower the immune system and cultural self-worth.

The understanding is that we each need to find that self-worth and self-love inside of ourselves. Do our inner work to find peace inside of ourselves, and not project the shadow side out into the world. Through love, self-love and love for others, we have the capacity to create a symbiotic relationship with all of these bacteria and viruses when we can stop the violence, murder, hatred, anger and revenge on the planet.