Spiritual Consultations

Would you like guidance on your personal Spiritual Journey and Quest?

Joseph had a conscious birth and came in with the ability to speak directly with Source in Spirit.

As a child, he was constantly in communication in every way with the world's Spiritual Masters from every culture, and also Higher Spirit Beings in the Dimensions beyond the third dimension. This is described in his new spiritual autobiography "Living In Two Worlds: A Life of Love."

Would you like to understand your karma better? Would you like Past Lives readings from the Akashic Records?

As a First Nations man, I can support your Vision Quest, Soul Retrieval, and Animal Medicine Spirit Guides connections.

Perhaps most importantly, discover your strength and Source through knowing the Ascended Spiritual Masters and Teachers of all traditions.

Would you like to know your Soul Contract? And who your Soul Mates are? 

As a trained professional psychologist, an individual, marriage and family therapist, and professor of psychology, i have been doing this work since 1972, with a needed respite since 2008.

Joseph can support and guide you in your own personal Spiritual Journey and Quest, wherever you are at this moment –- transforming a "dark night of the soul,"  being confused about your life's story and directions, needing ongoing Self-discovery, or requiring some spiritual wisdom to guide you deeper into your own spiritual-psychological heart.

Joseph’s spiritual guidance is a private one-on-one consultation to discover your own path to Self realization and Self responsibility. You can book an appointment now to find truth, freedom, love, hope and faith.

Direct connection with Source is the key. Spiritual consultation guides people to Self-discovery of their inner truth and divine-human identity. From my lifelong, direct, humble connection with Source, I share my truth as a fellow friend.

Consultations are not considered to be a substitute for medical, psychological or legal advice. Please consult other professionals regarding these matters.

Fee:  $120 per 50 minute phone session

Email your consultation request to josephmartin@shaw.ca

Cancellation policy: we require 24 hours notice for a refund.